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Red Hawk Ranch
home of ADR Associates and Bootin' Digger Equine

A unique blending of a consulting practice with the beautiful setting of a working horse ranch specializing in breeding and raising  young international quality warmblood horses for sport. 

Since 2002, ADR Associates and Bootin' Digger Equine have made their home at Red Hawk Ranch, co-branding as the two entities found a shared identity thru the unusual, client-friendly location. 

ADR Associates Inc

ADR Associates is a marketing and communications consulting firm founded by Lynn Randle in 1994 at the urging of clients who appreciated Lynn's strategic thinking and consultative spirit of interfusion with their management teams.  ADR stands firm in its committment of empowering other professionals to become independent contractors and part of the ADR team on an as-needed basis.  Today ADR specializes in assisting clients as they commercialize products both in the US as well as globally through the use of advanced market research techniques. Client categories focus primarily on healthcare and biotech.

Bootin' Digger Equine

Bootin' Digger Equine was founded in 1991 by Bob DeGour with the express vision of building a world-class warmblood breeding operation.  Completely taken with the beauty and athleticism of the horses he saw at the Los Angeles Olympic Games, Bob started with one carefully selected mare from the renowned DG Bar Ranch.  After partnering with Lynn in 1996, he watched while Lynn earned her way thru the levels of Dressage then started applying the principals of Bridging Performance with Character - a philosophy that to this day is the foundation of the couple's very successful Oldenburg warmblood breeding operation and is proven by the number of Redhawk horses sold over the years that have continued on to successful show careers in the international sports of dressage and jumping.


Lynn Randle:

direct: 714-914-3025

Bob DeGour:

direct: 951-265-3349


PO Box 513
222 Conestoga Street
Charlestown, MD  21914
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